Civil Service Yearbook

The Civil Service Yearbook reflects an era of dramatic change within the Civil Service. The United Kingdom's exit from the European Union and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have created new responsibilities and new challenges which have resulted in widespread changes to the machinery of government. This dynamic and ongoing transformation seems certain to continue. The devolved administrations have also evolved their structures in recent years in response to changing circumstances and new challenges.

This online resource reflects these changes by including:

  • An all encompassing ministerial list of holders of key government positions and their responsibilities
  • Complete details of all central and devolved administrations, their contact details, responsibilities and staff
  • Complete details of all Executive Agencies and their parent bodies
  • Separate chapters containing details of all UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales non departmental public bodies
  • An easy to use search facility to ensure the information can be quickly located

The Civil Service Year Book is the indispensable directory for anyone who needs to find information on the structure, department and key personnel of the Civil Service. In so doing it facilitates the process of “opening government” up to members of the public.

Dandy Booksellers would like to acknowledge and thank the many members of the Civil Service continue to help to make this book possible.

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