Civil Service Yearbook

The 51st edition of the Civil Service Yearbook emerges into an era of transformation within the Civil Service. The ongoing economic malaise led the coalition government to conduct a spending review in 2010, which ushered in a new age of austerity. The outcome of this review has led to the development of a leaner, more diversified Civil Service.

The book illustrates in detail the new structure of the organisation by including:

  • An all encompassing ministerial list of holders of key government positions and their responsibilities
  • Complete details of all central and devolved administrations, their contact details, responsibilities and staff
  • Clearly laid out organograms showing the structure of the larger department
  • Complete details of all Executive Agencies and their parent bodies
  • Separate chapters containing details of all UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales non departmental public bodies
  • Statistical data providing information about civil service salary scales and staffing levels
  • Comprehensive indexes to ensure the information can be quickly located

The Civil Service Year Book is the indispensable directory for anyone who needs to find information on the structure, department and key personnel of the Civil Service. In so doing it facilitates the process of “opening government” up to members of the public.

In addition, the book is complemented by full access to the dynamic Civil Service Yearbook website. The website, through its employment of multiple navigation and search tools, ensures that it remains the most effective method of accessing up to date data.

Dandy Booksellers would like to acknowledge and thank the many members of the Civil Service who helped to make this book possible.